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Trade Accounting Services for Active Traders and Casual Investors

Spending too much time preparing tax reporting and not enough time on your trading?
It’s time to bring in some expert help.


Our passion is helping active traders and casual investors prepare required IRS tax forms so they can focus on what they enjoy most… like playing the markets.

IRS Form 8949

For Schedule D reporting of capital gains and losses from trading and investing.

IRS Form 4797

For mark to market (MTM) accounting by traders with Section 475f election.

TradeLog® Services

TaxFile maintenance of trade history and wash sale loss deferral tracking.

What we do:

Trader Tax Solutions will review and match your trade history using IRS “First-In-First-Out rules (FIFO). Necessary adjustments are made for corporate actions and exercised/assigned options. Required wash sale adjustments are calculated. We then reconcile the reporting with your broker-provided Form 1099-B and year-end statements. When completed, we provide you with IRS-ready Form 8949 reporting for use with Schedule D for your tax return, as well as other required reporting for your type of trading.

If you elected Section 475f with the IRS, for “business treatment” of your trading gains and losses, and use the Mark to Market (MTM) method of accounting – we handle that also! Whether it’s your first year or your fifth we provide the accurate Form 4797 and additional reporting you need.

Any time throughout the year: Trader Tax Solutions can import trade history from your broker’s website into TradeLog® Software, reconcile open position inventory to your monthly broker statements, and make any necessary adjustments. We can perform these functions on a monthly or quarterly basis so you can take advantage of the trade analysis tools offered in the software. During the last quarter of each year many of our clients have us identify each security with wash sales that could result in loss deferrals to the following tax year so they can cease trading these during the 31-day wash sale “window”.

How it works:



Receive a free consultation to determine your service requirements. Start by completing a Quote Request or call us at (844) 987-2382 for more information.



Complete initial payment and Client Intake Form which provides the information we need to setup your account and get started with your services.



We perform our trade accounting services and generate required IRS forms, reconciled with your brokerage statements and 1099-B.



We deliver your completed tax reporting via email or ShareFile, our secure file share system. You’re ready to complete your trader tax return!

Why choose us:

Trader Tax Solutions is proud to be a Certified TradeLog® Service Provider. We are experts in using the trade accounting and tax software suite most recommended by leading industry tax professionals. TradeLog ensures that active traders file their trading gains and losses accurately and have the peace of mind that they have all the necessary records in case of an IRS audit.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients year-round, not just at tax time. You choose the type of service we provide for you: we can reconcile your trade history and prepare tax forms to meet specific IRS filing deadlines, or maintain your TradeLog TaxFiles each month and alert you to possible wash sale loss deferrals as you near the end of each tax year.

See our FAQ’s to understand more about the services we offer and determine what would best suit your needs.

Stop wasting time compiling data for your trader tax return. Let us handle your trade accounting so you can get back to what you enjoy…trading.




per hour

No Active TradeLog Software Registration Required

All TradeLog Software costs are included in the hourly rate.

Minimum one-hour charge.

For a comprehensive cost estimate please complete our client intake form.



per hour

TradeLog 1500 or Unlimited Registered Users

Software registration purchased separately, proof of active registration required.

Minimum one-hour charge.

For a comprehensive cost estimate please complete our client intake form.


We are your partner for trader tax reporting

About Us

Our company has over 40 years’ combined experience in working with day traders, trader tax CPAs and other industry leaders with a primary focus on finding tax and other valuable solutions for investors and active traders. Trader Tax Solutions works with clients to meet their goals of filing timely and accurate trading gains and losses in a cost-effective manner in full compliance with current IRS regulations. Each and every member of our Sales and Support Teams are certified TradeLog experts who have used the software extensively for clients and personally to file their own trader tax returns. Unlike other CPA firms who may use administrative assistants to reconcile your trades, our experience in using Tradelog uniquely qualifies us to provide our clients with reliable trade accounting services.

Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to empower investors to file trading capital gains or losses with the IRS, worry-free.

We strive to exceed the expectations of the people we work with and the investors we serve. By taking ownership of responsibilities beyond what is expected, to remaining committed to a project from start to finish, we endeavor to make a positive impact on everything we do.

Today our commitment to helping traders is stronger than ever, and we continue to offer affordable services nationwide that make their lives, and trading, easier and more profitable.


Read what our Happy Customers say about our services.

"As a full time trader I have thousands of trades each year. Although I have experience with preparing my Schedule D with the IRS, there is still too much pain involved. The MTM rules can also be confusing. This year I worked with [Trader Tax Solutions] and plan to use them again. The two hours I purchased saved me countless hours of manual work. Therefore I found the service to be an excellent value." - M. Stack (San Francisco, CA)
"I anticipate increasing my trading significantly this year and in future years and will likely be a loyal and return customer. I have always dreaded tax season since I have been trading...and almost ceased trading because of the tax reporting issues. I am encouraged that [Trader Tax Solutions] exists. Look forward to future interactions! Thank you." - L. Barnes (College Station, TX)
"WOW. Very impressive and I am amazed. You are good! I can't believe you did that so fast. So next year should be as easy using the these first two years as a base. Please feel free to use me as an endorsement if anyone wants to know about your services." - Dr. Alan H. Berry (Seneco, MO)
"Thank you. That will take one stress off of my plate and the accountant will be happy too." - J. Cortina (Northridge, CA)
"Thank you so much! I have three businesses, two of which are investment related and I work as long as it takes to get things done for my clients even if it takes more of my time than I am being compensated for. I rarely encounter other businesses that act this way. It's kind of "old school" I guess. I have been very impressed with how you work. If more people took their job seriously and worked together, I don't think the U.S. would be headed for the mess that is going to hit them over the next several years. I am sincere when I say that you should be proud of how you operate. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much and I will be sure to use you again next year!" - A. Krcmar (Homer Glen, IL)